My name is Julie Knapp. I graduated in June of 2013 with a degree in New Media Communications and have been navigating my way through my passion for design and marketing ever since. Hello world!

Stephanie Hutchinson Photography 

I grew up in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon with my mom, dad and older brother. The "weird city" has a lot of life to offer and so many amazing resources. If you've never visited here, I highly recommend it! You can start in the heart of downtown Portland and drive to the snow, beach, mountain lakes or warm springs in a matter of a couple hours. 

WAIT...too much type? I know, I know, it's 2014 and we're all into reading lists. 

I've always secretly wanted to make a documentary. 
I completed a triathlon once, recently too.
I'm allergic to cats. 
Can't say that I'm very big on sweets.
I'm afraid of earthquakes.
My eyes water (not crying) if I'm excited about something.

....Okay, so I'm really horrible at making lists about myself.

Stephanie Hutchinson Photography 

To be honest, I'm really excited to finally start using my education in the real world. It's fun when you figure out what you like to do the most. You never really have to work a day in your life when you are doing what you love. 

Welcome to my site! This page is intended to give anyone and everyone a better look at who I am and what I've done. It's all really about a little bit of professionalism, with a little bit of personality. Why can't the two mix? 

Like my work? Wanna be friends? Have a question? Drop me a line! 

Have a wonderful day,